Core Values

The following are the core values of Age of Dream, intended as guiding principals in all of our endeavors.

I. Art is a Form of Divine Expression.

Just as a man cannot serve both God and mammon, an artist cannot serve art when the primary goal of producing a work is profit.

II. Art Communicates Effectively.

As it pertains to creative works or works of art, money made is not a measure of success and money spent is not a measure of quality, merit, or scope.

A work is successful if it instills in the audience the desired emotional response or compels the audience to critically consider the ideas espoused by the work.

III. Collaboration Improves Art.

Better Art is Achieved through Collaboration and Mutual Support.

Support independent content creators.

Support companies that sponsor, develop and/or support open source software.

Support and promote open source software projects and initiatives.

Contribute to open source software project through bug reports, feature requests, code contributions, through the creation of documentation and tutorials, and through sponsorship, when appropriate.

Foster the development of emerging artists by providing low cost and free tools.

A person's potential should never be quashed by an inability to afford proper tools.

IV. Abstraction Multiplies Effort.

Everything is all the same thing, just expressed in different ways.

By understanding a thing in its abstract form, a single effort can serve multiple purposes.

Through an understanding of abstraction, build stacked systems to accomplish multiple goals with the same action.

V. Strong Organization Cultivates Productivity.

Stay Organized.

Build tools to encourage good work habits, to facilitate searching and organizing assets into libraries, and to improve team communication on collaborative projects.

VI. Build Incrementally.

Improve Incrementally. Always build with thought to future expansion.

Test concepts on a small scale, then replicate.

Test modules as a unit, and as a system.

VII. Be Resilient.

Overcome Obstacles through tenacity and perseverance.

VIII. Be Nimble.

Technology is changing and improving rapidly. Be positioned and prepared for rapid tooling changes.

Be adaptable.

IX. Build Reusable, Stackable, Modular Tools.

Build reusable code and tools, in a modular way.

Build a modular company.

Reducing cost (without compromising anything else) is the same as increasing budget, because more money becomes available.

X. Keep it Simple.

Complexity generates wasted effort, time, and resources.

XI. Dream Big.

There are no limits. Ever.