Useful resources for artists and creators, especially using open source software.

Open Source Software Projects

Audio Software

  • Ardour

    Ardour is an open source Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for recording, editing and mixing music on Linux, MacOS and Windows. Ardour is licensed under the GNU Public License v2.

  • Musescore

    Free and open source music notation software, for composing and printing sheet music.

  • ZynAddSubFX

    ZynAddSubFX is a fully featured open source software synthesizer. The source code is available at no cost, and pre-built binaries are available on most Linux based system through the package manager.

Graphics Software

  • Blender

    A free and open source, professional 3D modeling, sculpting, animation, rendering, compositing, and video editing software.

  • GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

    A free and open source, professional image editing program, with similar capabilities to Adobe Photoshop. Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.

  • Inkscape

    A free and open source, professional vector graphics editing program.

  • Scribus

    A free and Open Source page layout program for Linux, Mac and Windows, similar to Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher.

Office Software

  • LyX

    LyX is a free and open source structured document processor for Linux, Mac and Windows. Useful for creating structured documents like film and theatre scripts, novels, academic articles, software documentation or books.

Operating Systems

  • Debian

    Debian is a complete, free and open source Operating System. One of the oldest and largest distributions of GNU/Linux.

Software Development

  • CodeLite

    CodeLite is a free and open source, cross platform, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), for desktop and web development. CodeLite was used in the production of this website.

Stock Assets


  • Google Font Search

    A tool for searching and downloading open license fonts for use in your projects.


Audio Tutorials

  • Adrian Rascon

    Videos on music and film scoring.

  • Inside the Score

    YouTube channel with Video Essays, Composing Challenges, and Musical Discussions.

  • Marc Jovani - Cinematic Composing

    Good tutorial and tips videos on cinematic music composition.

  • Unfa

    Tobiasz Karoń, a Polish electronic music producer who uses only free and open software on GNU/Linux for music production. Has many tutorials on using ZynAddSubFX and other Linux audio applications.

Modular Synthesizers

  • Cinematic Laboratory

    Lots of great sounding, no-talking demos of how modular synthesizer modules can be used for cinematic sound design.

  • Kristian Blåsol

    How to make DIY modular synth parts, often for very cheap.

Blender Tutorials

Software Development